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Mimyuni Media Entertainment is a company specializing in the creation of media products of a new generation. Through these innovative products we aim to provoke our public to look at the world around them in a profoundly new way. We aim to develop new conceptual media production abounding with warmth, tenderness and tranquillity. Our products are designed to induce only positive sensations and bring about the harmony we are frequently short of.


Our purpose is to create products which are informative, entertaining, harmonizing and able to refresh our viewers and mesmerise their everyday life.

Our main company activities include:

  • Launching of various thematic musical radio and television channels
  • Production, management and promotion of musical artists
  • Production of music and advertising video clips, documentaries and motion pictures
  • Music and film distribution
  • Intellectual rights management
  • Consulting and management of broadcasting rights for satellite and cable operators
  • Design, construction and management of cable and DTH (direct-to-home) satellite platforms.
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Our company is one of the leading TV content producers and aggregators in Eastern Europe. The company has a business concept that is both simple and convincing. It provides experiences that conventional television can't offer. Mimyuni Media Entertainment is operating internationally, which offers a business model to enable OTT/Mobile operators and cable/DTH/IPTV platforms to offer high-quality content on various devices. The company provides “white-label” managed platforms that help operators to increase revenues and improve customer loyalty. We offers services and solutions for the advertisement market. The company’s platforms provide advertisers with the opportunity to deliver rich, targeted multimedia messages straight to consumers worldwide on various devices.


It is now possible to relax 24/7 with the new relax and chill out music TV channel - CHILLAYO 4K.

CHILLAYO 4K TV is appropriate for the whole family bringing harmony, peace and wellness to every home with the best selection of relaxing and chill out music combined with the most beautiful landscapes from every point on earth.

This 4K TV channel gives you not only the opportunity to enjoy nature but to also explore the most beautiful places on planet Earth in ultra high definition.

CHILLAYO 4K TV holds more than 10,000 videos carefully selected with the help of mental health institutes. Each month you can enjoy 300 new videos added to the selection that allows you to teleport to the most capturing places.

CHILLAYO 4K TV helps you establish a balance between mind, body and soul. Open your mind for new ideas and opportunities!

Say goodbye to the stress with CHILLAYO 4K TV!

Angel Angelov
Director of Business Development
+359888808667 | a.angelov@mimyuni.com
www.mimyuni.com | Skype: angel.mimyuni

Mimyuni Media Entertainment has the pleasure to announce the launch of 3 TV channels in 4K television format. True to the mission of our company, we offer the most innovative and new things on the market that will help improve the viewers experience and positive emotions. That is why we are proud to announce the launch of 3 of our linear TV channels in 4K UHD quality video format for worldwide distribution.
These three TV channels are Party’s TV, Chillayo TV, WOW TV.
PARTY’S TV 4K is the first party music TV channel that makes you feel like you are traveling around the whole world by presenting you the best party music from every country in the world in multiple languages. The Unique 4K TV channel holds more than 6000 videos and is with a monthly refresh of 200 videos.

CHILLAYO TV 4K is a relaxing and chill out TV channel that creates the perfect conditions to relax, balance your emotions or just read a good book after a long stressful working day. CHILLAYO TV 4K holds more than 10 000 videos aggregated with the help of mental health institutes.

WOW TV 4K is an extreme sport and entertainment TV channel made from people who dedicated their lives to extreme sports. Thanks to the 4K technology you can now better than ever immerse into their lives and feel the adrenaline rush from more than 6000 hours of video content. WOW TV 4K attracts the young audience with its adrenaline raising experience with more than 200 videos of monthly fresh.

Angel Angelov
Director of Business Development
+359888808667 | a.angelov@mimyuni.com
www.mimyuni.com | Skype: angel.mimyuni

Smilie TV – is the newest children’s TV channel in the family of Mimyuni Media Entertainment.

The company already has 3 children’s TV channels in its portfolio of 20 television channels.
LOLLIPOP TV- children’s music television
CINEMACHI KIDS TV- children’s movie channel
SMILIE TV– children’s lifestyle television
The channels are ready for global distribution.

Smilie TV This is our new big television gift for every child over the world from our company. More information on our website: here

Our team has decided to invite more than 300 talented and skillful children all over the world to show how they have fun and to teach their peers in skills, games and plays.This is so exciting and easy for children because every child likes to watch its friend how he/she does something interesting and this way learns very quickly. Smilie TV is the funniest educational TV channel for children.
Smilie TV is the only children’s lifestyle channel created by children for children all over the world.
This is a completely new television format know how of Mimyuni Media Entertainment.
The program of the new children’s lifestyle channel is divided into short 10-minute blocks and contains useful and amusing things that children like to do alone at home or with friends.
Super fun is to see really funny children’s follies and situations invented by children themselves. For the first time in the world we provoke children to self-educate and self-provoke to learn new useful things through the eyes of play and fun. This children’s channel is interesting as well for adults because they can see unique ideas which will help children learn and explore the world.

This is the world’s first children’s TV channel for fun and play. Children teach other children how to play different games and how to make so many practical things. We will reveal only few of the topics in the program of Smilie TV.
How to arrange the room, how to draw graffiti, how to make origami, how to make clay figures, how to make masks for the party, how to make unique hairstyles and what not.
Here are more examples of the topics. In the program of Smilie TV we teach children how to have fun with constructors, puzzles and computer games, how to draw, how to play musical instruments, how to make healthy food.
To be more cheerful and enjoyable, we added also funny home video clips and parodies of songs in our program.
Smilie TV teaches its young friends foreign languages while playing.
Every child likes to play and do sports, so we teach them the rules of various sports games.
We are constantly exploring children’s desires and hobbies around the world. In this way we select the most interesting and successful children’s games and pastime.
In today’s digital world in which people get knowledge and information from cyberspace and television it is time to give more to our children!
We want them to be part of the modern time and its biggest advantage is to be able to simultaneously have fun and educate using a new format television and mass media.
We invite you to welcome with joy Smilie TV – the solution and choice of children and parents in search of the best edutainment perspective.

Smilie TV is 24/7 program. The program includes 2,000 hours of contents. Every month are included new 40 hours. The channel is voiced in English and is free for world distribution.
Smilie TV quickly collects loyal viewers and friends when included in the children’s TV package of every TV operator.

World Children’s music television has already been broadcasting its program since the beginning of the year.

For the first time children aged between 6 and 16 can follow the example of their talented musical peers. Every child at this early age perceives the world most easily through music. To teach a child to communicate and express itself more easily this happens through music, songs and dances.

That is why we from Mimyuni Media Entertainment created the first in the world global children’s music television LOLLIPOP TV. In the course of four years our team has been looking for talented children around the world who have a passion for music, singing and dancing. We have been looking for children who are very artistic and can sing and dance well. These children along with their teachers and parents create amazing songs and video clips. They are truly native musical stars. They are a great example for children everywhere; they are an example of how children can develop their talents and follow their impulse to create a more beautiful world.

This unique children’s music TV channel is the only one of its kind because in the program each child sees the genuine and authentic behavior of its peers from all over the globe.

In the program of the channel 95% are children singers and vocal groups. Only 5% are clips of world famous singers and groups who are idols for children.

Our children’s TV is the only place on air where every talented child who sings and dances perfectly will be presented to its peers.

LOLLIPOP TV has the main purpose to unite gifted children from all continents through music, songs and dances. Let us not forget an important fact: For children music is the only universal language and means of communication!

Providing a platform for music and dances LOLLIPOP TV meets children around the world and makes them dream about a happier future. Let us give children from each country the opportunity to experience the positive example of their friends from other countries. Let us give them the opportunity to draw inspiration while watching and listening to the songs of other talented children.

Each cable, satellite, iptv, ott, mobile operator in the world will make infinitely happy his young viewers if he includes in his package of TV programs the CHILDREN’S MUSIC TELEVISION LOLLIPOP TV.

LOLLIPOP TV will attract new subscribers to every cable network in the world because it will become a favorite for the whole family, not only for children but also for their parents.

LOLLIPOP TV is a winning choice for any operator looking for new, really different content for its subscribers.

The program of the television is 24 hours 7 days a week. The playlist includes more than 3,000 children’s music video clips from all over the world. Each month enter new 300 music video clips and live performances. The channel already spreads on THE TERRITORY OF THE MIDDLE EAST, in Dubai and the United Arab Emirates by the operator ETISALAT.

We do not stop here. Our package of children’s TV channels includes also:

Cinemachi Kids TV – children’s film TV channel and Smilie TV - children’s lifestyle channel for fun and adventures. The children’s TV package of 3 channels is a truly different offer to young viewers and to every operator. We bring an expected change in the TV world and we invite you together to make children around the world happier – they deserve it.

The linear television channels of Mimyuni Media Entertainment Company have already been broadcast in the Middle East. You can watch the channels Amoreyo HD, Cubayo HD, Chillayo HD, Lollipop HD, Party's HD, Health & Wellness HD and Cinemachi Kids HD in the English Basic Package of the new IPTV platform of Etisalat. Mimyuni’s channels feature content which is diverse and complies with the local audience. As a result they are becoming more popular among viewers and have received approval and positive evaluation by children, adolescents and adults. The DTH platform of ‘’My - HD’’ which distributes its service on the territory of the Middle East and North Africa, preferred to choose the brands owned by Mimyuni Media Entertainment Company. “My HD’’ has already included the channels Amoreyo HD, Lollipop HD, Party's HD and Cinemaci Kids HD in its packages.


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