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Mimyuni Media Entertainment is a company specializing in the creation of media products of a new generation. Through these innovative products we aim to provoke our public to look at the world around them in a profoundly new way. We aim to develop new conceptual media production abounding with warmth, tenderness and tranquillity. Our products are designed to induce only positive sensations and bring about the harmony we are frequently short of.

Our purpose is to create products which are informative, entertaining, harmonizing and able to refresh our viewers and mesmerise their everyday life.

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4K/UHD TV Channels

Crisp detail & exceptional depth on all screen sizes & set-top boxes

  • Wow 4K logo

    Wow 4K

    The extreme sports channel

    The 4K destination for action sports, lifestyle & entertainment.

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  • Party's 4K logo

    Party's 4K

    Party music television

    Human-curated party music combined with exciting concerts, interviews & behind the scenes.

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  • Chillayo 4K logo

    Chillayo 4K

    Relax music television

    Beautiful scenery, cityscapes & landscapes from every corner of the world, creating an inspiring & peaceful atmoshpere.

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  • WOW 4K logo

    Speed factor

    The motorsports tv channel

    The 4K destination for motorsports, lifestyle, & entertainment.

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  • Pet & Pal 4K logo

    Pet & Pal 4K

    The world of animals

    Through our world-class vets, photographers, explorers & filmmakers, we get the viewer closer to the stories that matter.

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Sports channels

  • WOW logo


    The wildest extreme sports channel

    A 24/7 channel for extreme sports & lifestyle made by thrill-seekers who have dedicated their lives to risk taking.

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  • Speed Factor logo

    Speed Factor

    The motorsports channel

    The first maniac channel for all high-speed sports. Loose your boundaries with broadcasts & reports from the world`s biggest races.

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  • Sportyfy logo


    The sports channel

    For all sports lovers who demand greatness & love the feeling of victory.

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Kids & family channels

  • Cinemachi Family logo

    Cinemachi Junior

    The junior movie channel

    The best animation, series, cartoons & movies for preschoolers & kids aged 9 & below.

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  • Cinemachi Family logo

    Cinemachi Family

    The family movie channel

    Films & series aimed at children & feature films for a broader family audience.

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  • Cinemachi Kids logo

    Cinemachi Kids

    The kids movie channel

    Great collection of kids' movies and series gathered from independent producers.

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  • Lolly Kids

    The only kids music television

    Music entirely by kids for kids. Original songs, live performances, music covers, choreographies, instrumentals.

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  • Planet Fun

    The kids entertainment channel

    Multi-thematic channel full of movies, music, lifestyle, education, sports, arts, hobbies, pets.

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  • Smilie tv

    The kids edutainment channel

    We take learning out of the classroom & into the everyday, adding the activities kids & teens enjoy to enable fun, imaginative learning

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  • Pet & Pal tv

    The richest pet encyclopedia

    The most practical advice regarding raising pets, feeding, choosing accessories, building habitats, health care, games & more.

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Movies and entertainment channels

  • Cinemachi logo


    Independent movie tv channel

    The best collection of independent top movies for the last 10 years to make you feel happy and satisfied with life.

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  • Cinemachi Docu logo

    Cinemachi Docu

    The world of knowledge

    The documentary channel for just about everything. 50+ topics & themes presented in amazing films all celebrating the power of knowledge.

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  • Cinemachi Xtra logo

    Cinemachi Xtra

    The premium movie channel

    Featuring a separate schedule of theatrical & made-for-cable feature films, series & specials.

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  • Cinemachi Comedy logo

    Cinemachi Comedy

    Comedy movie channel

    An eclectic mix of scripted, stand-up, sketch, improvisational & animated comedy.

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  • Cinemachi Romance logo

    Cinemachi Romance

    Romance movie channel

    Bringing the great romantic escapes & fantasies to the viewers for leisurely moments at home.

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  • Cinemachi Art logo

    Cinemachi Art

    The art movie channel

    A channel for little-seen global masterpieces that would otherwise be impossible to find.

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  • Cinemachi Action logo

    Cinemachi Action

    The action movie channel

    The only channel dedicated to the action genre & all its ranges.

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  • Cinemachi Crime logo

    Cinemachi Crime

    The crime movie channel

    Investigating the darker corner of human life offering viewers stories of real life crime, incredible fictional dramas & forensic science documentaries.

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  • Cinemachi Drama logo

    Cinemachi Drama

    The drama movie channel

    Offering a wide range emotional, gripping & astonishing true & fictional stories.

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  • Cinemachi Scream logo

    Cinemachi Scream

    The horror movie channel

    The largest human-curated selection of high-quality, spine-tingling, provocative films & mini tv series.

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Lifestyle & Thematic channels

  • Luxe & Life

    The timeless lifestyle television

    The world`s newest HD channel featuring the arts of luxury & living.

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  • Health & wellness

    Lifestyle tv channel

    THe first channel in the world that makes you healthy, rich and happy.

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  • Homeys`s

    Our home lifestyle tv channel

    The most practical DIY channel. From your living room & kitchen to your garage & garden.

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Music channels

  • Amoreyo logo


    Family music tv channel

    The only music TV channel for music, love and inspiration is up and ready for the whole family.

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  • Chillayo logo


    Chillout music tv channel

    The world`s finest relax & chillout music television that brings harmony to every home at every place where is distributed.

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  • Party`s logo


    Dance music tv channel

    Listen to world newest party song and jump in the wave of dancing with us.

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  • Cubayo logo


    Best latin music tv channel

    The place where the weather is always sunny, love is in the air, your smile never fades from your face and your heart is full of joy and plenty of Latino rhythms .

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  • Black Diamondz logo

    Black Diamondz

    R&B music tv channel

    The only music channel for worldwide black music all the fans of soul, gospel & R&B. Here they can enjoy the performances of their favorite stars.

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  • Melodia RU

    Best russian music tv channel

    Collection of over 15 000 Russian songs for worldwide russian communities. When you want to enjoy the best Russian music, your choice is here.

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  • Africayo logo


    Best african music tv channel

    Premium music videos of the best contemporary African music hits as well as exclusive specials, documentaries and concerts.

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  • Kick TV logo


    The only global rock channel

    The place where you can give vent to the crazy emotions and feel the power of classic and modern rock. Here you will find rich variety of music collections and alternative rock hits.

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  • Songbird

    Best country music tv channel

    The finest collection of country music from 1990 to 2016 with more than 8 000 songs. Songbird TV can excite everyone with its sincerity and its great for the whole family.

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Our Mission

The legendary inhabitants of Atlantis called the flair of creativity embedded in every form in the Universe – “Mimyu“[mimiu]. It is a specific inspiration that creates big ideas.

People who used its creative power were named “Mimyuni” – bearers of the flair of creativity.

Their ingenuity and constructive spirit led to the creation of the most lyric musical compositions, the most inspiring works of art and the greatest inventions of all time. Human materialism wiped out the civilization of Atlantis.

We believe that inside each and every person there is a dreaming creator whose main inspiration comes from love and harmony. That profound and utter love to everything - material or spiritual, animate or inanimate, shaped or shapeless, love to … You.

Hapiness made global

The Mimmyuni channel porftfolio includes lifestyle, music, sports, kids, movie & 4K channels broadcasted in the Middle East, Africa, Indonesia, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and Russia. Our worldwide TV network collection is suitable for global distribution.

  • 6 Continents
  • 40+ International tv channels
  • 6 Production partners
  • 20K+ Movies & series
  • 10 Years leading entertainment brand
  • 150+ Countries
  • Global content aggregator
  • Human-curated & sensored content
  • Cable, Dth, Ott, Iptv, Mobile & Smart TV rights